The purpose of this page is just to serve as todo or scratch pad for the development project and to list and share some ideas.

After making changes to the code and/or documentation, this page should remain on the wiki as a reminder of what was done and how it was done. However, there is no guarantee that this page is updated in the end to reflect the final state of the project

So chances are that this page is considerably outdated and irrelevant. The notes here might not reflect the current state of the code, and you should not use this as serious documentation.


Preprocessing - trigger based trial selection

Done, all the code works (9 dec 2008)

Preprocessing - manual artifact detection based on visual inspection

The code gives no errors but this tutorial has to be rewritten. The scaling options for rejectvisial changed. Now the eog / ecg channels can be scaled seperately so you can reject trials based on the artifact channels. Because of these changes the data is not scaled properly and old cfg options are used. There is also another fixme that has to be fixed. (9 dec 2008)

Preprocessing - automatic artifact identification

Event related fields and the planar gradient

Parametric and non-parametric statistics on event related fields

Fourier analysis of oscillatory power and coherence

Time-frequency Analysis Using Multitapers and Wavelets

Analysis of corticomuscular coherence

Applying beamforming techniques in the frequency domain

In volumesegment you get 2 warnings:

- FINITE is obsolete and will be removed in future versions. Use ISFINITE instead.

- Can't get default analyze orientation - assuming flipped

sourceplot(cfg,sourceDiffIntNorm) gives a plot with MRI but witout sources. (15 dec 2008)

sourceDiffIntN has no 'inside' field so it cannot be removed. Making the plot with method 'surface' afterwards gives an error 'undefind function or variable val'.

In the source statistics part there is cfg.grid=grid but grid is never defined. So there is an error there. Because of this error you cannot make sourceSTAT and therefore it is not possible to do the rest of the tutorial.

In this tutorial there are ofter lines with load …. (for any reason) but these files are not in the tutorial data that people download. Maybe they should be there because if a certain part doesn't work anymore they can load the results and work further. We could also include lines to save the results like in the first tutorial.

Because I didn't do source analysis myself until now I don't now the best way to sovle these problems.(16 dec 2008)

Statistics using cluster-based permutation tests

Plotting data

Working with animal electrophysiology data (LFPs and spikes)

How to use checkconfig

Example matlab scripts:

Align EEG electrode positions to BEM headmodel

Apply clusterrandanalysis on TFRs of power that were computed with BESA

Compute forward simulated data and apply a dipole fit

Compute forward simulated data and apply a beamformer scan

Correlation analysis in fMRI data

Create BEM headmodel for EEG

Create MNI-aligned grids in individual head-space

Cross Frequency analysis in FieldTrip

Detect the muscle activity in an EMG channel and use that as trial definition

Determine the filter characteristics

Effects of tapering for power estimates

Fit a dipole to the tactile ERF after mechanical stimulation

Getting started with reading raw EEG or MEG data

Make leadfields using different headmodels

Making your own trialfun for conditional trial definition

Use independent component analysis (ICA) to remove ECG artifacts

Use your own forward leadfield model in an inverse beamformer computation

Writing simulated data to a CTF dataset

Fixing a missing sensor

Using 3rd order gradients for CTF data

Source reconstruction using symmetric dipole pairs