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This page contains questions that users could ask when they analyze their data with FieldTrip. If it is possible the answers are also provided. If any documentation already exist on the FieldTrip wiki which gives an answer, the answer should point to those pages. In some cases, may we just want to point to relevant literature.

Questions and Answers

* What kind of source-reconstruction methods are implemented in FieldTrip?
The Inverse source parameter estimates from EEG/MEG data page describes under the second point which are the supported methods.
* What is the difference between the methods?
Here are the References to implemented methods. * What kind of source-reconstruction method should I use?

  • Does it depend on the data? (EEG vs. MEG, oscillations vs event-related, realistic vs. non-realistic headmodel)

Event-related Field/Potential + time-course: MNE
Oscillatory activity + at certain point in time: beamforming (dics)
beamforming: lcmv - ?
(see Hesse, Jensen (2010) and Background of the MNE tutorial)

  • Does it depend on a priori hypothesis of the source involved? (cortical sheets vs. 3D grid)
  • Does it depend on what kind of information I am interested in? (e.g. changes in time or not)

* What kind of data I need for source-reconstruction?
functional data, anatomical data, channel/electrode positions
* Why should I use source-reconstruction?
improves the spatial resolution, overlapping components?, converging evidence - point to introductionary literature