FieldTrip meeting - 20120822

  • We will make minutes and put it on the FieldTrip wiki. Lilla undertook to make notes.
  • Dashboard: An email will be send around weekly with a summary of failed test-scripts (test scripts are all functions beginning with test_…) (assigned to Boris). Elke can make the Dashboard sortable to provide a better overview of the test functions. When someone starts to work on the test-scripts, the bugzilla should be used as in the case of any other bugs (the bug can be re-opened and assigned again or a new bug can be created).
  • closing resolved bugs: Originally, the person who reported the bug is supposed to close the bug, but this does not often happen. Therefore, the person who fixed the bug can also close it.
  • We discussed bug1663 and bug1318.
  • We also discussed (related to bug1318) that in the future, the intermediate level of preprocessing should be deprecated (see bug1668).