FieldTrip meeting - 20120919

  • welcome and introduction of Bart (and of ourselves to Bart) who is joining us for a few weeks. Bart is going to work on spike data with FT.
  • FT social occasion next week
  • Robert's report on the meeting of Human Connectome project. Future aim: compiled FT release.
  • notes, meeting announcements and report from dashboard should go to FTbugs

bugs discussed:

  • bugs1032 (file-type detection vs. checking if file present)
  • bug1077
  • related issue: guidelines for building a pipeline (automatically generated from help): we need to specify data-types consistently (write guideline for how to write help, make all documentations consistent, make flowcharts, put it online)
  • bug1291
  • bug1120 assigned (inside and outside detection in ft_prepare_sourcemodel)
  • bug1249
  • bug1521
  • bug1467