• Discuss bug 2500 (JM's request)
  • Discuss bug 2516 (Jörn's request)
  • Follow up on existential discussion on timelock/freq data without chan (Robert)
  • Discuss assignment of tasks during May toolkit.
  • Discuss source reconstruction using ICA (Jörn's request)
  • Memory requirements in test scripts (Robert)


  • We discussed the toolkit schedule. TBD: availability of Eelke + who's doing the freq lecture. For the hands-on Robert will make an google sheet where people can sign up.
  • Memory requirements for test script should take into account the memory req for MATLAB itself. Thus, ideally > 1GB. Also walltime should be at minimum 10 minutes.
  • We discussed bug 2500.
  • We discussed bug 2516.
  • We briefly discussed how to deal with the e-mails that are left unanswered on the mailing list. All FT team members should reply occasionally (1 per week at least), to reflect that it's a team effort. Also we should give room to the outside-centre FT'ers to reply.
  • support for component data in source reconstruction functions:
    1. dipolefitting and mne should in principle be doable.
    2. yet, the functions may become confused because of the mixed representation of the component data (in a freq/tlck structure).
    3. identify which functions should support this, but currently don't do it well.
    4. ensure that the data is unambiguous, i.e. only keep topo/topolabel and remove anything else.