• bug2142 (JM's request).
  • bug2447 (Nietz)


  • Discussion of FT-toolkit preparation. Jorn will prepare the course material. A bunch of people will help setting up the colloquium room.
  • Discussed bug 2447: ft_clusterplot should not serve a purpose to help the user making an inferential decision. Cfg.alpha as an option is a bit unlucky in this context. Probably we need to implement rather a cfg.highlightprobthreshold (as a vector, just like the other highlightxxxx options). Related to this, we discussed that as such the interpretation in clusters does not make sense to begin with. although we don't want to disable the function we should build in a warning note in the tutorial about this, and probably make a faq: can I interpret shape and extent of a cluster obtained with a cluster-based permutation statistical approach? Answer: NO. Next, check whether there is sufficient documentation of the correcttail option.
  • Discussed bug 2142.