• Brain stimulation toolkit (Jim)
  • shortly talk about bug 2523 for Eelke and keeping Eelke up to date about this agenda and the necessity to fill this in ;)
  • bug 2532 (Jörn)
  • FT version and tutorials for toolkit, incl. what OS to be used? (Jörn)
  • bug 2551 - potential problem with template sourcemodels stored on disk


  • Robert will help in the lecture and hands-on for the brainstim toolkit
  • we will use FT from 29 April, and windows. Eelke will make a wiki page. We will add “opengl software” to the startup.m to prevent rendering issues
  • regarding 2523- Haiteng will present this ideas on the beamer in the eFT meeting in 2 weeks from now
  • bug 2532 was discussed, see bugzilla
  • bug 2551 was discussed, Roemer will make a new faq, related to the rim-faq