• discuss proposal of Eric regarding “helping out and rewards”
  • Andreas Widmann's contribution to the filtering 2453
  • Status of statistics tutorials (grand avg with keepindividual=yes versus individual data structures as input)
  • bugs 2562 (Diego)
  • Robert & Jorn: discuss possible FAQ on “How should I prepare for a FieldTrip workshop?”
  • Robert & Eelke: discuss the comp, raw, timelock and freq confusion. This has to do with 2539 and 2518
  • Haiteng: Bug 2523 first implementation of ft_crossfrequencyanalysis ; Bug 2411 - implement matching pursuit decomposition
  • * Support Matlab 2013> status


  • regarding rewards, the FT team will think about it and Eric will join next week
  • regarding filters: Eelke will send the ppt of Roemer, suggest a faq and example page and try to get a patch for the code
  • regarding keepindividual/grandavg, see http://bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=1617
  • bug 2562: check solutions for ft_datatype_raw and fixtimeaxes functions
  • trouble: see http://bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=2579
  • regarding faq: everyone agrees, robert will start one. Suggestion by Jim: also specify in the tutorials which sections are data-type specific (e.g. using color coding)
  • comp → move to comp+raw, comp+timelock, comp+freq, and comp by itself (with only the topographic info). Robert will work on this.
  • ft_crossfrequencyanalysis is to be discussed at the next meeting
  • matlab >2013 is to be discussed at the next meeting