• toolkit 2015 trial run - we will test on ___
  • ft_getdimord (Nietz)
  • stockholm oscillations ppt? (Nietz)
  • toolkit package (Tz)
  • Aarhus toolkit (Tz)
    1. ERP, but especially time-frequency-analysis for EEG (seperately acquired) as well as MEG data
    2. source-reconstruction for both TF data (beamformers) and evoked data
    3. statistics (f.ex. cluster based permutation tests) for both signal and source data
    4. possibilities of importing data (both signal and source) analyzed with other software to use statistical tools of FieldTrip
    5. combination of EEG and MEG data (when acquired simultaneously)
    6. With EEG data we ran into the following troubles beforehand:
      1. filtering did not work
      2. no existing headmodel for our nets (geodesic 128/129), selfcreation failed.