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-====== ​Artinis Medical Systems ​======+===== Interface with FieldTrip ​===== 
 +Artinis has developed their own software Oxysoft for data collection and viewing, storage and analysis. Oxysoft features the ability to stream data directly to the FieldTrip buffer, which needs to be enable in the PortaSoft.ini located in "​.../​Public Documents/​Artinis Medical Systems BV/​common"​. you have to manually add these lines 
 +  [FieldTrip] 
 +  Enable = 1 
 +  StartServer ​
 +Oxysoft assumes the default buffer port to be 1972. Oxysoft will start an own shared memory segment that data will be buffered to. 
 +Once configured, you can read the streamed data from Matlab, e.g. with FieldTrip 
 +  ft_read_header(filename) 
 +  ft_read_data(filename,​ ...) 
 +  ft_read_event(filename,​ ...) 
 +where you specify <​code>​filename='​buffer://​hostname:​port'</​code>​ as the location to read the data from, where hostname refers to the IP-address or hostname of the computer that runs Oxysoft (can be '​localhost'​). Additional information can be requested via the helpdesk by mailing to askforinfo@artinis.com