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====== FieldTrip buffer Java interface ====== ===== Client side pure Java implementation ===== The directory ''development/realtime/buffer/java'' contains a couple of Java classes that implement a client-side interface to the FieldTrip buffer (socket connections only). The classes wrap FieldTrip-style header structures, events, and client connections to a server. The following Java code example demonstrates how to use the interface: <code java> import*; import java.nio.*; import nl.fcdonders.fieldtrip.*; class testclient { public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException { String hostname = "localhost"; int port = 1972; BufferClient C = new BufferClient(); // might throw IOException C.connect(hostname, port); // might throw IOException Header hdr = C.getHeader(); // might throw IOException System.out.println("#channels....: "+hdr.nChans); System.out.println("#samples.....: "+hdr.nSamples); System.out.println("#events......: "+hdr.nEvents); System.out.println("sampling freq: "+hdr.fSample); System.out.println("data type....: "+hdr.dataType); // print channel names, if existing (non-null) for (int n=0;n<hdr.nChans;n++) { if (hdr.labels[n] != null) { System.out.println("Ch. " + n + ": " + hdr.labels[n]); } } // try to read all data, auto-convert to floats if necessary float[][] data = C.getFloatData(0, hdr.nSamples-1); // access samples like data[sampleIndex][channelIndex] ! // get raw data into a ByteBuffer without conversion DataDescription descr = new DataDescription(); ByteBuffer rawBuf = C.getRawData(0, hdr.nSamples-1, descr); // inspect descr.nSamples, descr.nChans, descr.dataType for info on data // read events, if any if (hdr.nEvents > 0) { BufferEvent[] evs = C.getEvents(0,hdr.nEvents-1); for (int n=0;n<evs.length;n++) { System.out.println("Event: "+n+" Type="+evs[n].getTypeString()+" Value="+evs[n].getValueString()); } } C.disconnect(); } } </code>