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 +====== How to make Wiki banners ======
 +As you will have noticed, there is a nice photo rotator at the top of the Fieldtrip website. This page explains how to create them using Adobe Photoshop, and how to add them to the wiki.
 +===== Making the file =====
 +  - Open the photo in Photoshop.
 +  - Go to Image -> Adjustments -> Black & White, to convert into black & white.
 +  - Apply some toning to make it look good: Image -> Adjustments -> Brightness/​Contrast,​ or -> Curves, or just Image -> Auto Tone, -> Auto Contrast; whichever is your favourite.
 +  - Select the crop tool, constrain to 980x250 px.
 +  - Select the area of the photo you want to use as the banner and press Enter. You now have the correct dimensions.
 +  - Add some grain for that '​vintage'​ look: Filter -> Noise -> Add Noise; use 2%, Gaussian, Monochromatic,​ and press OK.
 +  - Copy the FieldTrip logo to the new image by opening the PSD file contained in {{:​development:​fieldtrip-wiki-banner.zip|this ZIP file}} (select '​No'​ when Photoshop asks you if you want to update text layers) and dragging the logo layer to the new file.
 +  - Save the photo: File -> Save for Web & Devices; save as JPEG with a decent quality (>~85; or anything that yields ~150kB file size)
 +===== Adding to the website =====
 +  - Copy the file you just generated to <​dokuwiki root>/​lib/​tpl/​FieldtripV2/​images/​ and rename it "​header-photo-N.jpg",​ where N should be replaced by an integer number, following the maximum M of the "​header-photo-M.jpg"​ files already present in that folder.
 +  - Edit <​dokuwiki root>/​lib/​tpl/​FieldtripV2/​main.php,​ replace the Q in "; i < Q;" below the line that says "add slideshow slides"​ (currently this code is at lines 61-62) with one higher than the total number of slides.
 +  - Done!