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   * [[example:​ecog_ny|Analysis of high-gamma band signals in human ECoG]]   * [[example:​ecog_ny|Analysis of high-gamma band signals in human ECoG]]
-====== Example MATLAB scripts ======+==== Source reconstruction ​==== 
 +  * [[example:​align_eeg_electrode_positions_to_bem_headmodel|Align EEG electrode positions to BEM headmodel]] 
 +  * [[example:​compute_forward_simulated_data_and_apply_a_dipole_fit|Compute forward simulated data and apply a dipole fit]] 
 +  * [[example:​compute_forward_simulated_data_and_apply_a_beamformer_scan|Compute forward simulated data and apply a beamformer scan]] 
 +  * [[example:​testing_bem_created_leadfields|Testing BEM created lead fields]] 
 +  * [[example:​create_single-subject_grids_in_individual_head_space_that_are_all_aligned_in_mni_space|Create MNI-aligned grids in individual head-space]] 
 +  * [[example:​determine_the_filter_characteristics|Determine the filter characteristics]] 
 +  * [[example:​fit_a_dipole_to_the_tactile_erf_after_mechanical_stimulation|Fit a dipole to the tactile ERF after mechanical stimulation]] 
 +  * [[example:​make_leadfields_using_different_headmodels|Make leadfields using different headmodels]] 
 +  * [[example:​use_your_own_forward_leadfield_model_in_an_inverse_beamformer_computation|Use your own forward leadfield model in an inverse beamformer computation]] 
 +  * [[example:​Common filters in beamforming]] 
 +  * [[example:​read neuromag mri and create_single-subject_grids_in_individual_head_space_that_are_all_aligned_in_mni_space|Read neuromag .fif mri and create MNI-aligned single_shell grids in individual head-space]] 
 +  * [[example:​compute_leadfield|Using the low-level compute_leadfield function]] 
 +  * [[example:​Plotting the result of source reconstructing on a cortical mesh]]  
 +  * [[example:​combined_eeg_and_meg_source_reconstruction|Combined EEG and MEG source reconstruction]] 
 +  * [[example:​difference_erf|Localizing the sources underlying the difference in event related fields]] 
 +  * [[example:​coregistration_quality_control|Check the quality of the anatomical coregistration]] 
 +  * [[example:​Sphere fitting and scaling of the template (Colin 27) MRI to the MEG polhemus headshape]]
-Here you can find example MATLAB scripts together with documentation that show specific analyses done in FieldTrip or in MATLAB. The documentation here is often not as elaborate as the [[tutorial|tutorials]],​ but goes more in detail into specific aspects of the data, code or analysis. 
-We invite you to [[contribute|add your own]] example scripts or frequently asked questions to the wiki. Also tutorials can be added. Every time you explain somebody something about FieldTrip, please consider whether you could use the wiki for this so others can learn from it as well. 
-If you want to contribute one of your scripts, please [[contribute|add it directly]] to the wiki or [[contact]] us. 
-See also the [[tutorial|tutorials]] and [[faq|frequently asked questions]]. 
 ==== Statistical analysis ==== ==== Statistical analysis ====
   * [[example:​stratify|Stratify the distribution of two variables]]   * [[example:​stratify|Stratify the distribution of two variables]]