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{{tag>faq edf preprocessing}} ====== How can I read all channels from an EDF file that contains multiple sampling rates? ====== The representation of time-series data in FieldTrip requires that all channels have the same number of samples, since the data is stored in a Nchan by Nsamples matrix. EDF files can have channels with different sampling rates. By default the channels with the most common frequency will be read and represented by the low-level functions **[[:reference:ft_read_header]]**, **[[:reference:ft_read_data]]**, and by the high-level **[[:reference:ft_preprocessing]]** function. Using the //chanindx// option to **[[:reference:ft_read_header]]**, you can specify another subset of channels from the original EDF file. To represent all channels in a single FieldTrip raw data structure, it is necessary to up-sample (i.e. interpolate) the channels to the highest sampling rate. The **[[:reference:edf2fieldtrip]]** detects all sampling frequencies, reads the channels, up-samples and concatenates the channels in a single data structure.