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{{tag>faq}} ====== Are the FieldTrip lectures available on video? ====== Yes and no. Some material is online available, but not all. We have a YouTube channel. See Furthermore, the lectures of a FieldTrip workshop in the context of the Human Connectome Project have been recorded and made online available. See However, the audio in these recordings is rather poor. A while ago Julian Keil held a little workshop at the BRAMS Institute in Montreal covering the basic steps in FieldTrip. He recorded the whole session and put the videos online at The accompanying Matlab script can be found here: We are planning to record future lectures on camera. However, that does not automatically mean that we will make all recorded material available online for people that have not participated. Ideally we would indeed post it on our youTube channel, but making (i.e. shooting and editing) good quality videos is not easy and making bad quality videos available would not be beneficial for the project in the long run. We are not share the powerpoint slides by themselves, as without the spoken context of the lecturer they do not bring across the message properly. So it is part of our ongoing efforts to improve the dissemination of FieldTrip and the methods implemented in it, and we do hope that we will get the hang of making it available as [[|MOOC]]. In case you want to know more about how we perform the recordings, please have a look [[development:guidelines:video|here]].