The purpose of this page is to keep a tab on the status and to list the action points for the planned experiments.

Required items for the surgery

  • headpost → the one from Pascal that was used needs to be replaced (not urgent)
  • chamber → price will be approximately 1200+500. Global specs known to the workshop. Detailled specs should follow (action: Mark makes a detailed model)
  • grid needs to be redesigned, different angle and spacing for connector part
  • holder for the grid during surgery → does this need to be redesigned?
  • titanium strips, screws, mesh

Budget spendings by Nic

  • initial design and file conversion: 600 euro
  • skull screws (were ordered and used): 431 euro
  • plastic skull model Kaas: 180 euro
  • plastic skull model Okkie: 124 euro
  • brain slicer: 2550 euro
  • plastic brain model Okkie: 152 euro
  • design and prototype chamber Kaas: 1195 euro
  • hard disks for archive and backup (4x 3TB): 808 euro
  • ….

Please note that 600+431+180+124+2550+152+1195+808 = 6040 Euro

Budget spendings by Mark

  • burr 5mm 76.97
  • burr 1mm 76.97
  • cranial burr 85.71
  • self drilling screw 267.62
  • burr hole cover 12mm 91.29
  • burr hole cover 15mm 91.29
  • titanum mesh 189.32
  • mesh cutting scissors 119.49
  • 7 hole adaption plate 197.13
  • craniotome attachment 1517.81
  • burr attachment 1342.08
  • Norian fast set putty 870.24

Total so far 4925.92

Bills soon to be paid:

  • CDL bill for surgery, post-op care, hotel bill for Joop. Expect something in the region of 8 to 10K

Data handling

Simon is currently working on improving the lab setup for data handling (caracal, FW800 drives, splitting software, archive procedure).

Here is an estimate for the costs associated with data archiving:

On 7 Jan 2011, at 9:22, Robert Oostenveld wrote:

Hi Mark,

The size of the data from Kurt and Pele combined is ~34TiB. If we get 2TB disks (which hold ~1,8 TiB) and assume a 75% fill ratio, then we need 26 disks. That is one copy for two monkeys (or two copies for one monkey). We can get these disks for ~3250 Euro (125 euro/disk). LTO5 tapes are in the same price range per unit of TB (100 euro incl. VAT for 1.6 TB). Hence the choise for "2*disk" or "1*disk+1*tape" can be postponed, but the budget requirements are clear.

So count on 3000 Euro for one monkey, or 6000 for two (prices will drop a bit over the next 1,5 year when I assume the recordings will take place and the storage will have to be bought). Not clear to me is whether Nic will use one of the monkeys, or both. A split-even budget for the two monkeys combined presumes that Nic/Pascal will get a copy (and permission to use data) of both monkeys.


PS if need be, the price per disk can be reduced from 125 to 90, but that is really on a tight budget and will require more work (and risk) in the handling (bare disks). Overall it would reduce the costs to ~2400 Eruo per monkey.

PS Note that the biggest unknown variance for the storage budget will be the number of sessions that can be recorded.