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These are the different people involved in the ECoG projects:

  • Pascal Fries (All)
  • Conrado Bosman (All)
  • Robert Oostenveld (All)
  • Christopher Lewis (P1)
  • Cristiano Micheli (P2)
  • Thilo Womelsdorf (P2)
  • Etienne Hugues (P1)
  • Martin Vejmelka (P6)
  • Milan Palus (P6)
  • Jaroslav Hlinka (P6)
  • Ingrid Nieuwenhuis (P3)
  • Andre Bastos (P4)
  • Jan-Mathijs Schoffelen (P2, P4, P7, P8)
  • Rodrigo Montefusco (P5)
  • Craig Richter (P7)
  • Martin Adrianus Vinck (to be assigned)
  • Juan Vidal (to be assigned)
  • Nicolas Brunet (P9)
  • William Thompson (to be assigned)
  • Julien Vezoli
  1. Resting state networks in monkey ECoG recordings
  2. Source analysis of monkey ECoG recordings
  3. Sleep in monkey ECoG recordings
  4. Information flow during attention using granger causality
  5. Micro saccades
  6. Develop new methods for connectivity (Prague)
  7. Analysis of initial “attention deployment” period
  8. Relationship between phase difference in oscillations and response speed
  9. Stimulus processing competition between stimuli of different contrast

Between brackets behind the email address in the “people” section you can see who is involved in which project

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