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 +=====  EDF2FIELDTRIP =====
 +Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type "help edf2fieldtrip"​.
 +  <a href=/​reference/​edf2fieldtrip><​font color=green>​EDF2FIELDTRIP</​font></​a>​ reads data from a EDF file with channels that have a different
 +  sampling rates. It upsamples all data to the highest sampling rate and
 +  concatenates all channels into a raw data structure that is compatible with the
 +  output of <a href=/​reference/​ft_preprocessing><​font color=green>​FT_PREPROCESSING</​font></​a>​.
 +  Use as
 +    data = edf2fieldtrip(filename);​
 +  For reading EDF files in which all channels have the same sampling rate, you can
 +  use the standard procedure with <a href=/​reference/​ft_definetrial><​font color=green>​FT_DEFINETRIAL</​font></​a>​ and <a href=/​reference/​ft_preprocessing><​font color=green>​FT_PREPROCESSING</​font></​a>​.
 +  See also <a href=/​reference/​ft_preprocessing><​font color=green>​FT_PREPROCESSING</​font></​a>,​ <a href=/​reference/​ft_definetrial><​font color=green>​FT_DEFINETRIAL</​font></​a>,​ <a href=/​reference/​ft_redefinetrial><​font color=green>​FT_REDEFINETRIAL</​font></​a>​