Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type “help ft_connectivity_powcorr_ortho”.

  FT_CONNECTIVITY_POWCORR_ORTHO computes power correlation after removing the
  zero-lag contribution on a trial-by-trial basis. This implements the method
  described in JF Hipp, DJ Hawellek, M Corbetta, M Siegel, AK Engel. Large-scale
  cortical correlation structure of spontaneous oscillatory activity. Nature
  neuroscience 15 (6), 884-890.
  Use as
    c = ft_connectivity_powcorr(mom, ...)
  The input argument mom should be a NchanxNrpt matrix containing the complex-valued
  amplitude and phase information at a given frequency, and the optional key refindx
  specifies the
  Additional optional input arguments come as key-value pairs:
    refindx   = index/indices of the channels that serve as a reference channel (default is all)
  The output c is a NchanxNrefchan matrix that contain the power correlation
  for all channels orthogonalised relative to the reference channel in the first
  Nrefchan columns, and the power correlation for the reference channels
  orthogonalised relative to the channels in the second Nrefchan columns.