Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type “help ft_datatype_timelock”.

  FT_DATATYPE_TIMELOCK describes the FieldTrip MATLAB structure for timelock data
  The timelock data structure represents averaged or non-averaged event-releted
  potentials (ERPs, in case of EEG) or ERFs (in case of MEG). This data structure is
  usually generated with the FT_TIMELOCKANALYSIS or FT_TIMELOCKGRANDAVERAGE function.
  An example of a timelock structure containing the ERF for 151 channels MEG data is
      dimord: 'chan_time'       defines how the numeric data should be interpreted
         avg: [151x600 double]  the average values of the activity for 151 channels x 600 timepoints
         var: [151x600 double]  the variance of the activity for 151 channels x 600 timepoints
       label: {151x1 cell}      the channel labels (e.g. 'MRC13')
        time: [1x600 double]    the timepoints in seconds
        grad: [1x1 struct]      information about the sensor array (for EEG data it is called elec)
         cfg: [1x1 struct]      the configuration used by the function that generated this data structure
  Required fields:
    - label, dimord, time
  Optional fields:
    - avg, var, dof, cov, trial, trialinfo, sampleinfo, grad, elec, opto, cfg
  Deprecated fields:
    - <none>
  Obsoleted fields:
    - fsample
  Revision history:
  (2017/latest) The data structure cannot contain an average and simultaneously single
  trial information any more, i.e. avg/var/dof and trial/individual are mutually exclusive.
  (2011v2) The description of the sensors has changed, see FT_DATATYPE_SENS
  for further information.
  (2011) The field 'fsample' was removed, as it was redundant.
  (2003) The initial version was defined.