Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type “help ft_examplefunction”.

  FT_EXAMPLEFUNCTION demonstrates to new developers how a FieldTrip function should look like
  Use as
    outdata = ft_examplefunction(cfg, indata)
  where indata is <<describe the type of data or where it comes from>>
  and cfg is a configuration structure that should contain
  <<note that the cfg list should be indented with two spaces
   cfg.option1    = value, explain the value here (default = something)
   cfg.option2    = value, describe the value here and if needed
                    continue here to allow automatic parsing of the help
  The configuration can optionally contain
    cfg.option3   = value, explain it here (default is automatic)
  To facilitate data-handling and distributed computing you can use
    cfg.inputfile   =  ...
    cfg.outputfile  =  ...
  If you specify one of these (or both) the input data will be read from a *.mat
  file on disk and/or the output data will be written to a *.mat file. These mat
  files should contain only a single variable, corresponding with the
  input/output structure.
  See also <<give a list of function names, all in capitals>>