Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type “help ft_omri_quality”.

  FT_OMRI_QUALITY implements an online fMRI quality assurance stack
  Use as
  where cfg is a structure with configuration settings.
  Configuration options are
    cfg.input            = FieldTrip buffer containing raw scans (default='buffer://localhost:1972')
    cfg.numDummy         = how many scans to ignore initially    (default=0)
    cfg.showRawVariation = 1 to show variation in raw scans (default), 0 to show var. in processed scans
    cfg.clipVar          = threshold to clip variation plot with as a fraction of signal magnitude (default=0.2)
    cfg.lambda           = forgetting factor for the variaton plot (default=0.9)
    cfg.serial           = serial port (default = /dev/ttyS0), set [] to disable motion reporting
    cfg.baudrate         = serial port baudrate (default = 19200)
    cfg.maxAbs           = threshold (mm) for absolute motion before 'A' is sent to serial port, default = Inf
    cfg.maxRel           = threshold (mm) for relative motion before 'B' is sent to serial port, default = Inf