Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type “help ft_platform_supports”.

  FT_PLATFORM_SUPPORTS returns a boolean indicating whether the current platform
  supports a specific capability
  Use as
    status = ft_platform_supports(what)
    status = ft_platform_supports('matlabversion', min_version, max_version)
  The following values are allowed for the 'what' parameter, which means means that
  the specific feature explained on the right is supported:
    'which-all'                     which(...,'all')
    'exists-in-private-directory'   exists(...) will look in the /private subdirectory to see if a file exists
    'onCleanup'                     onCleanup(...)
    'alim'                          alim(...)
    'int32_logical_operations'      bitand(a,b) with a, b of type int32
    'graphics_objects'              graphics sysem is object-oriented
    'libmx_c_interface'             libmx is supported through mex in the C-language (recent MATLAB versions only support C++)
    'images'                        all image processing functions in FieldTrip's external/images directory
    'signal'                        all signal processing functions in FieldTrip's external/signal directory
    'stats'                         all statistical functions in FieldTrip's external/stats directory
    'program_invocation_name'       program_invocation_name() (GNU Octave)
    'singleCompThread'              start MATLAB with -singleCompThread
    'nosplash'                      start MATLAB with -nosplash
    'nodisplay'                     start MATLAB with -nodisplay
    'nojvm'                         start MATLAB with -nojvm
    'no-gui'                        start GNU Octave with --no-gui
    'RandStream.setGlobalStream'    RandStream.setGlobalStream(...)
    'RandStream.setDefaultStream'   RandStream.setDefaultStream(...)
    'rng'                           rng(...)
    'rand-state'                    rand('state')
    'urlread-timeout'               urlread(..., 'Timeout', t)
    'griddata-vector-input'         griddata(...,...,...,a,b) with a and b vectors
    'griddata-v4'                   griddata(...,...,...,...,...,'v4') with v4 interpolation support
    'uimenu'                        uimenu(...)
    'weboptions'                    weboptions(...)
    'parula'                        parula(...)
    'html'                          html rendering in desktop