Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type “help ft_plot_matrix”.

  FT_PLOT_MATRIX visualizes a matrix as an image, similar to IMAGESC.
  The position, width and height can be controlled to allow multiple
  matrices (i.e. channels) to be plotted in a topographic arrangement.
  Use as
    ft_plot_matrix(C, ...)
  where C is a 2 dimensional MxN matrix, or
    ft_plot_matrix(X, Y, C, ...)
  where X and Y describe the 1xN horizontal and 1xM vertical axes
  Optional arguments should come in key-value pairs and can include
    'clim'            = 1x2 vector with color limits (default is automatic)
    'highlight'       = a logical matrix of size C, where 0 means that the corresponding values in C are highlighted according to the highlightstyle
    'highlightstyle'  = can be 'saturation', 'opacity', 'outline' or 'colormix' (default = 'opacity')
    'box'             = draw a box around the local axes, can be 'yes' or 'no'
    'tag'             = string, the name assigned to the object. All tags with the same name can be deleted in a figure, without deleting other parts of the figure.
  It is possible to plot the object in a local pseudo-axis (c.f. subplot), which is specfied as follows
    'hpos'            = horizontal position of the center of the local axes
    'vpos'            = vertical position of the center of the local axes
    'width'           = width of the local axes
    'height'          = height of the local axes
    'hlim'            = horizontal scaling limits within the local axes
    'vlim'            = vertical scaling limits within the local axes
  When using a local pseudo-axis, you can plot a label next to the data
    'label'           = string, label to be plotted at the upper left corner
    'fontcolor'       = string, color specification (default = 'k')
    'fontsize'        = number, sets the size of the text (default = 10)
    'fontunits'       =
    'fontname'        =
    'fontweight'      =
    ft_plot_matrix(randn(30,50), 'width', 1, 'height', 1, 'hpos', 0, 'vpos', 0)