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 +=====  FT_PREPROC_RESAMPLE =====
 +Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type "help ft_preproc_resample"​.
 +  <a href=/​reference/​ft_preproc_resample><​font color=green>​FT_PREPROC_RESAMPLE</​font></​a>​ resamples all channels in the data matrix
 +  Use as
 +    dat = ft_preproc_resample(dat,​ Fold, Fnew, method)
 +  where
 +    dat    = matrix with the input data (Nchans X Nsamples)
 +    Fold   = scalar, original sampling frequency in Hz
 +    Fnew   = scalar, desired sampling frequency in Hz
 +    method = string, can be '​resample',​ '​decimate',​ '​downsample',​ '​fft'​
 +  The resample method applies an anti-aliasing (lowpass) FIR filter to
 +  the data during the resampling process, and compensates for the filter'​s
 +  delay. For the other two methods you should apply an anti-aliassing
 +  filter prior to calling this function.
 +  See also PREPROC, <a href=/​reference/​ft_preproc_lowpassfilter><​font color=green>​FT_PREPROC_LOWPASSFILTER</​font></​a>​