Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type “help ft_progress”.

  FT_PROGRESS shows a graphical or non-graphical progress indication similar to the
  standard WAITBAR function, but with the extra option of printing it in the command
  window as a plain text string or as a rotating dial. Alternatively, you can also
  specify it not to give feedback on the progress.
  Prior to the for-loop, you should call either
    ft_progress('init', 'none',    'Please wait...')
    ft_progress('init', 'gui',     'Please wait...')
    ft_progress('init', 'etf',     'Please wait...')      % estimated time to finish
    ft_progress('init', 'dial',    'Please wait...')      % rotating dial
    ft_progress('init', 'textbar', 'Please wait...')      % ascii progress bar
    ft_progress('init', 'text',    'Please wait...')
  In each iteration of the for-loop, you should call either
    ft_progress(x)                                       % only show percentage
    ft_progress(x, 'Processing event %d from %d', i, N)  % show string, x=i/N
  After finishing the for-loop, you should call
  Here is an example for the use of a progress indicator
     ft_progress('init', 'etf',     'Please wait...');
     for i=1:42
       ft_progress(i/42, 'Processing event %d from %d', i, 42);
  See also WAITBAR