Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type “help ft_realtime_ctfproxy”.

  FT_REALTIME_CTFPROXY provides a  real-time interface to the MEG data stream.
  This application requires Acq to stream the data to shared memory, and ctf2ft_v1
  (formerly known as AcqBuffer) to be maintaining the shared memory and to prevent
  overruns. This MATLAB function will subsequently copy the data from shared
  memory to a FieldTrip buffer.
  The FieldTrip buffer is a network transparent server that allows the acquisition
  client to stream data to it. An analysis client can connect to read the data upon
  request. Multiple clients can connect simultaneously, each analyzing a specific
  aspect of the data concurrently.
  Since the CTF shared memory interface is only available on the acquisition machine
  itself, this function must run on the acquisition machine. The buffer to which the
  data is streamed is available through the network, so the actual analysis can be
  done elsewhere.
  Use as
  The target to write the data to is configured as      = string, target destination for the data (default = 'buffer://localhost:1972')    = string, default is determined automatic
  To stop this realtime function, you have to press Ctrl-C