Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type “help ft_realtime_oddball”.

  FT_REALTIME_ODDBALL is an realtime application that computes an online
  average for a standard and deviant condition. The ERPs/ERFs are plotted,
  together with the difference as t-values. It should work both for EEG and
  MEG, as long as there are two triggers present
  Use as
  with the following configuration options    = cell-array, see FT_CHANNELSELECTION (default = 'all')
    cfg.trialfun   = string with the trial function
  The source of the data is configured as
    cfg.dataset       = string
  or alternatively to obtain more low-level control as
    cfg.datafile      = string
    cfg.headerfile    = string
    cfg.eventfile     = string
    cfg.dataformat    = string, default is determined automatic
    cfg.headerformat  = string, default is determined automatic
    cfg.eventformat   = string, default is determined automatic
  To stop the realtime function, you have to press Ctrl-C