Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type “help ft_realtime_ouunpod”.

  FT_REALTIME_OUUNPOD is an example realtime application for online power
  estimation and visualisation. It is designed for use with the OuUnPod, an
  OpenEEG based low cost EEG system with two channels, but in principle
  should work for any EEG or MEG system.
  Use as
  with the following configuration options    = cell-array, see FT_CHANNELSELECTION (default = 'all')
    cfg.foilim     = [Flow Fhigh] (default = [1 45])
    cfg.blocksize  = number, size of the blocks/chuncks that are processed (default = 1 second)
    cfg.bufferdata = whether to start on the 'first or 'last' data that is available (default = 'last')
  The source of the data is configured as
    cfg.dataset       = string
  or alternatively to obtain more low-level control as
    cfg.datafile      = string
    cfg.headerfile    = string
    cfg.eventfile     = string
    cfg.dataformat    = string, default is determined automatic
    cfg.headerformat  = string, default is determined automatic
    cfg.eventformat   = string, default is determined automatic
  To stop the realtime function, you have to press Ctrl-C
  See also