Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type “help ft_specest_wavelet”.

  FT_SPECEST_WAVELET performs time-frequency analysis on any time series trial data
  using the 'wavelet method' based on Morlet wavelets, doing convolution in the time
  domain by multiplication in the frequency domain.
  Use as
    [spectrum,freqoi,timeoi] = ft_specest_wavelet(dat,time...)
    dat       = matrix of chan*sample
    time      = vector, containing time in seconds for each sample
    spectrum  = array of chan*freqoi*timeoi of fourier coefficients
    freqoi    = vector of frequencies in spectrum
    timeoi    = vector of timebins in spectrum
  Optional arguments should be specified in key-value pairs and can include
    pad       = number, total length of data after zero padding (in seconds)
    padtype   = string, indicating type of padding to be used (see ft_preproc_padding, default = 'zero')
    freqoi    = vector, containing frequencies of interest
    timeoi    = vector, containing time points of interest (in seconds)
    width     = number or vector, width of the wavelet, determines the temporal and spectral resolution
    gwidth    = number, determines the length of the used wavelets in standard deviations of the implicit Gaussian kernel
    verbose   = output progress to console (0 or 1, default 1)
    polyorder = number, the order of the polynomial to fitted to and removed from the data prior to the fourier transform (default = 0 -> remove DC-component)