Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type “help ft_spike_select”.

  FT_SPIKE_SELECT selects subsets of spikes, channels and trials from a
  spike structure.
  Use as
    [spike] = ft_spike_select(cfg, spike)
  The input SPIKE should be organised as the spike datatype (see
    cfg.spikechannel     = See FT_CHANNELSELECTION for details.
    cfg.trials           = vector of indices (e.g., 1:2:10)
                           logical selection of trials (e.g., [1010101010])
                           'all' (default), selects all trials
    cfg.latency          = [begin end] in seconds
                           'maxperiod' (default), i.e., maximum period available
                           'minperiod', i.e., the minimal period all trials share
                           'prestim' (all t<=0)
                           'poststim' (all t>=0).
    Spike structure with selections