Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type “help ft_standalone”.

  FT_STANDALONE is the entry function of the compiled FieldTrip application.
  The compiled application can be used to execute FieldTrip data analysis
  This function can be started on the interactive MATLAB command line as
    ft_standalone script.m
    ft_standalone script1.m script2.m ...
    ft_standalone jobfile.mat
  or after compilation on the Linux/macOS command line as <MATLABROOT> script.m <MATLABROOT> script1.m script2.m ... <MATLABROOT> jobfile.mat
  It is possible to pass additional options on the MATLAB command line like
  this on the MATLAB command line
    ft_standalone --option value scriptname.m
  or on the Linux/macOS command line <MATLABROOT> --option value scriptname.m
  The options and their values are automaticallly made available as local
  variables in the script execution environment.