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 +=====  FT_TRACKUSAGE =====
 +Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type "help ft_trackusage"​.
 +  <a href=/​reference/​ft_trackusage><​font color=green>​FT_TRACKUSAGE</​font></​a>​ tracks the usage of specific FieldTrip components using a central
 +  tracking server. This involves sending a small snippet of information to the
 +  server. Tracking is only used to gather data on the usage of the FieldTrip
 +  toolbox, to get information on the number of users and on the frequency of use
 +  of specific toolbox functions. This allows the toolbox developers to improve the
 +  FIeldTrip toolbox source code, documentation and to provide better support.
 +  This function will NOT upload any information about the data, nor about the
 +  configuration that you are using in your analyses.
 +  This function will NOT upload any identifying details about you. Your username
 +  and computer name are "​salted"​ and subsequently converted with the MD5
 +  cryptographic hashing function into a unique identifier. Not knowing the salt,
 +  it is impossible to decode these MD5 hashes and recover the original
 +  identifiers.
 +  It is possible to disable the tracking for all functions by specifying
 +  the following
 +    global ft_defaults
 +    ft_default.trackusage = '​no'​
 +  See the following online documentation for more information
 +    http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​MD5
 +    http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Salt_(cryptography)
 +    http://​www.fieldtriptoolbox.org/​faq/​tracking
 +  See also <a href=/​reference/​ft_defaults><​font color=green>​FT_DEFAULTS</​font></​a>​