Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type “help ft_version”.

  FT_VERSION returns the version and installation directory of FieldTrip
  FieldTrip is not released with version numbers as "2.0", "2.1", etc. Instead, we
  share our development version on You can use git or
  subversion (svn) to make a local version of the repository. Furthermore, we release
  daily version as zip-file on our FTP server.
  If you access the development version using git, it is labeled with the hash of the
  latest commit like "128c693". You can access the specific version "XXXXXX" at
  If you access the development version using svn, it is labeled with the revision
  number like "rXXXXX", where XXXX is the revision number.
  The daily FTP release version is packaged as a zip file and its version is
  indicated with "YYMMDD" (year, month, day).
  Use as
  to display the latest revision number on screen, or
    [ftver, ftpath] = ft_version
  to get the version and the installation root directory.
  When using git for version control, you can also get additional information with
    ft_version revision
    ft_version branch
    ft_version clean