Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type “help ft_warp_optim”.

  FT_WARP_OPTIM determine intermediate positions using warping (deformation)
  the input cloud of points is warped to match the target.
  The strategy is to start with simpelest linear warp, followed by a more
  elaborate linear warp, which then is followed by the nonlinear warps up
  to the desired order.
  [result, M] = ft_warp_pnt(input, target, method)
      input          contains the Nx3 measured 3D positions
      target         contains the Nx3 template 3D positions
      method         should be any of 
                      'traditional' (default)
  The default warping method is a traditional linear warp with individual
  rescaling in each dimension. Optionally you can select a nonlinear warp
  of the 1st (affine) up to the 5th order.
  When available, this function will use the MATLAB optimization toolbox.