Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type “help ft_wizard”.

  FT_WIZARD is a graphical user interface to evaluate a FieldTrip analysis
  script one step at a time, allowing you to go to the next step if you are
  content with the data so far, or to the previous step if you want to repeat it
  with different configuration settings.
  Use as
    ft_wizard scriptname
  Use the functional form of FT_WIZARD, such as FT_WIZARD('scriptname'), when
  the name of the script is stored in a string, when an output argument is
  requested, or if the name of the script contains spaces. If you do not
  specify an output argument, the results will be stored as variables in
  the main MATLAB workspace. 
  Besides the buttons, you can use the following key combinations
    Ctrl-O        load a new script from a file
    Ctrl-S        save the script to a new file
    Ctrl-E        open the current script in editor
    Ctrl-P        go to previous step
    Ctrl-N        go to next step
    Ctrl-Q        quit, do not save the variables
    Ctrl-X        exit, save the variables to the workspace