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 +=====  FT_WRITE_MRI =====
 +Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type "help ft_write_mri"​.
 +  <a href=/​reference/​ft_write_mri><​font color=green>​FT_WRITE_MRI</​font></​a>​ exports volumetric data such as anatomical and functional
 +  MRI to a file.
 +  Use as
 +    ft_write_mri(filename,​ img, ...)
 +  where img represents the 3-D array with image values.
 +  The specified filename can already contain the filename extention, but that is not
 +  required since it will be added automatically.
 +  Additional options should be specified in key-value pairs and can be
 +    '​dataformat' ​  = string, see below
 +    '​transform' ​   = transformation matrix, specifying the transformation from voxel coordinates to head coordinates
 +    '​spmversion' ​  = version of SPM to be used, in case data needs to be written in analyze format
 +  The supported dataformats are
 +    '​analyze'​
 +    '​nifti'​
 +    '​vista'​
 +    '​mgz' ​  ​(freesurfer)
 +  See also <a href=/​reference/​ft_read_mri><​font color=green>​FT_READ_MRI</​font></​a>,​ <a href=/​reference/​ft_write_data><​font color=green>​FT_WRITE_DATA</​font></​a>,​ <a href=/​reference/​ft_write_headshape><​font color=green>​FT_WRITE_HEADSHAPE</​font></​a>​