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 +=====  MEMTIC =====
 +Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type "help memtic"​.
 +  <a href=/​reference/​memtic><​font color=green>​MEMTIC</​font></​a>​ start a MATLAB memory recorder
 +    <a href=/​reference/​memtic><​font color=green>​MEMTIC</​font></​a>​ and <a href=/​reference/​memtoc><​font color=green>​MEMTOC</​font></​a>​ functions work together to measure memory usage.
 +    <a href=/​reference/​memtic><​font color=green>​MEMTIC</​font></​a>,​ by itself, saves the current memory footprint that <a href=/​reference/​memtoc><​font color=green>​MEMTOC</​font></​a>​
 +    uses later to measure the memory that was used between the two.
 +  Use as
 +    <a href=/​reference/​memtic><​font color=green>​MEMTIC</​font></​a>​
 +    <a href=/​reference/​memtoc><​font color=green>​MEMTOC</​font></​a>​
 +  to print the estimated memory use on screen, or
 +    <a href=/​reference/​memtic><​font color=green>​MEMTIC</​font></​a>​
 +    M = <a href=/​reference/​memtoc><​font color=green>​MEMTOC</​font></​a>​
 +  to return the estimated memory (in bytes) in variable M, or
 +    C = <a href=/​reference/​memtic><​font color=green>​MEMTIC</​font></​a>​
 +    M = <a href=/​reference/​memtoc><​font color=green>​MEMTOC</​font></​a>​(C)
 +  to specifically estimate the memory use between a well-defined tic/toc pair.
 +  Note that MATLAB uses internal memory allocation, garbage collection, shallow
 +  copies of variables, and virtual memory. Due to the advanced handling of
 +  memory for its variables, it is not easy and in certain cases not possible to
 +  make a reliable and reproducible estimate based on the memory information
 +  provided by the operating system.
 +  Example: measure the memory increase due to allocating a lot of memory.
 +  Doing a "clear x" following the allocation and priot to <a href=/​reference/​memtoc><​font color=green>​MEMTOC</​font></​a>​ does not
 +  affect the memory that is reported.
 +    memtic
 +    n = 125; x = cell(1,n);
 +    for i=1:n
 +      x{i} = randn(1000,​1000);​ % 8kB per item
 +      disp(i);
 +    end
 +    whos x
 +    memtoc
 +  See also TIC, TOC