Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type “help minimumnormestimate”.

  MINIMUMNORMESTIMATE computes a linear estimate of the current in a
  distributed source model.
  Use as
    [dipout] = minimumnormestimate(dip, grad, headmodel, dat, ...)
  Optional input arguments should come in key-value pairs and can include
    'noisecov'         = Nchan x Nchan matrix with noise covariance
    'noiselambda'      = scalar value, regularisation parameter for the noise covariance matrix (default = 0)
    'sourcecov'        = Nsource x Nsource matrix with source covariance (can be empty, the default will then be identity)
    'lambda'           = scalar, regularisation parameter (can be empty, it will then be estimated from snr)
    'snr'              = scalar, signal to noise ratio
    'reducerank'       = reduce the leadfield rank, can be 'no' or a number (e.g. 2)
    'normalize'        = normalize the leadfield
    'normalizeparam'   = parameter for depth normalization (default = 0.5)
    'keepfilter'       = 'no' or 'yes', keep the spatial filter in the output
    'prewhiten'        = 'no' or 'yes', prewhiten the leadfield matrix with the noise covariance matrix C
    'scalesourcecov'   = 'no' or 'yes', scale the source covariance matrix R such that trace(leadfield*R*leadfield')/trace(C)=1
  Note that leadfield normalization (depth regularisation) should be done
  by scaling the leadfields outside this function, e.g. in
  prepare_leadfield. Note also that with precomputed leadfields the
  normalization parameters will not have an effect.
  This implements
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