Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type “help nearest”.

  NEAREST return the index of an array nearest to a scalar
  Use as
    [indx] = nearest(array, val, insideflag, toleranceflag)
  The second input val can be a scalar, or a [minval maxval] vector for
  limits selection.
  If not specified or if left empty, the insideflag and the toleranceflag
  will default to false.
  The boolean insideflag can be used to specify whether the value should be
  within the array or not. For example nearest(1:10, -inf) will return 1,
  but nearest(1:10, -inf, true) will return an error because -inf is not
  within the array.
  The boolean toleranceflag is used when insideflag is true. It can be used
  to specify whether some tolerance should be allowed for values that are
  just outside the array. For example nearest(1:10, 0.99, true, false) will
  return an error, but nearest(1:10, 0.99, true, true) will return 1. The
  tolerance that is allowed is half the distance between the subsequent
  values in the array.
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