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 +=====  NUTMEG2FIELDTRIP =====
 +Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type "help nutmeg2fieldtrip"​.
 +  <a href=/​reference/​nutmeg2fieldtrip><​font color=green>​NUTMEG2FIELDTRIP</​font></​a>​ converts from NUTMEG either a sensor data structure
 +  ('​nuts'​) to a valid FieldTrip '​raw'​ structure (plus '​grid'​ and '​mri'​ if
 +  available), OR a source structure '​beam'​ to a valid FieldTrip source
 +  structure
 +  Use as
 +     ​[data,​ mri, grid] = nutmeg2fieldtrip(cfg,​ fileorstruct)
 +  Input:
 +       cfg
 +           ​.keepmri (required for either input): =1 calls ft_read_mri for '​mri'​ output; =0 not save out '​mri'​
 +           ​.out ​    ​(required for source input): '​s'​ (pos_freq_time) or '​trial'​ (pos_rpt)
 +       ​fileorstruct:​ may be one of following:
 +          1) *.mat file containing nuts sensor structure
 +          2) nuts sensor structure
 +          3) s*.mat file containing beam source structure
 +          4) beam source structure (output from Nutmeg (beamforming_gui,​ tfbf, or tfZ)
 +                (only scalar not vector results supported at the moment)
 +  Output: depending on input, one of options
 +          1) If nuts sensor structure input, then '​data'​ will be '​raw'​ and
 +             ​optionally '​grid'​ if Lp present, or '​mri'​ if individual MRI present
 +          2) If beam source structure input, then '​data'​ will be '​source'​
 +             (May be an array of source structures (source{1} etc))
 +             '​grid'​ and '​mri'​ may be output as well if present in beam structure
 +  See alo <a href=/​reference/​ft_datatype_source><​font color=green>​FT_DATATYPE_SOURCE</​font></​a>,​ <a href=/​reference/​loreta2fieldtrip><​font color=green>​LORETA2FIELDTRIP</​font></​a>,​ <a href=/​reference/​spass2fieldtrip><​font color=green>​SPASS2FIELDTRIP</​font></​a>,​ <a href=/​reference/​fieldtrip2spss><​font color=green>​FIELDTRIP2SPSS</​font></​a>​