Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type “help peerslave”.

  PEERSLAVE starts the low-level peer services and switches to slave mode.
  Subsequently it will wait untill a job comes in and execute it.
  Use as
  Optional input arguments should be passed as key-value pairs. The
  following options are available to limit the peer network, i.e. to
  form sub-networks.
    group       = string
    allowuser   = {...}
    allowgroup  = {...}
    allowhost   = {...}
    refuseuser   = {...}
    refusegroup  = {...}
    refusehost   = {...}
  The allow options will prevent peers that do not match the requirements
  to be added to the (dynamic) list of known peers. Consequently, these
  options limit which peers know each other. A master will not send jobs
  to peers that it does not know. A slave will not accept jobs from a peer
  that it does not know.
  The following options are available to limit the number and duration
  of the jobs that the slave will execute.
    maxnum      = number (default = inf)
    maxtime     = number (default = inf)
    maxidle     = number (default = inf)
  The following options are available to limit the available resources
  that available for job execution.
    memavail    = number, amount of memory available       (default = inf)
    cpuavail    = number, speed of the CPU                 (default = inf)
    timavail    = number, maximum duration of a single job (default = inf)