Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type “help qsubexec”.

  QSUBEXEC is a helper function to execute a job on the Torque, SGE, PBS
  or SLURM batch queue system. Normally you should not start this function
  yourself, but rather use QSUBCELLFUN or QSUBFEVAL.
  This function performs the following tasks
  - load the function name, input arguments and further options from the input file
  - evaluate the desired function on the input arguments using PEEREXEC
  - save the output arguments to an output file
  This function should be started from the linux command line as follows
    qsub /opt/bin/matlab -r "qsubexec(jobid); exit"
  which starts the MATLAB executable, executes this function and exits
  MATLAB to leave your batch job in a clean state. The jobid is
  automatically translated into the input and output file names, which
  have to reside on a shared network file system.