Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type “help qsubfeval”.

  QSUBFEVAL evaluates the specified MATLAB function on the input arguments
  using the Torque, SGE, PBS or SLURM batch queue system.
  Use as
    jobid  = qsubfeval(fname, arg1, arg2, ...)
    argout = qsubget(jobid, ...)
  This function has a number of optional arguments that have to passed
  as key-value pairs at the end of the list of input arguments. All other
  input arguments (including other key-value pairs) will be passed to the
  function to be evaluated.
    memreq      = number in bytes, how much memory does the job require (no default)
    memoverhead = number in bytes, how much memory to account for MATLAB itself (default = 1024^3, i.e. 1GB)
    timreq      = number in seconds, how much time does the job require (no default)
    timoverhead = number in seconds, how much time to allow MATLAB to start (default = 180 seconds)
    backend     = string, can be 'torque', 'sge', 'slurm', 'lsf', 'system', 'local' (default is automatic)
    diary       = string, can be 'always', 'never', 'warning', 'error' (default = 'error')
    queue       = string, which queue to submit the job in (default is empty)
    waitfor     = string or cell-array of strings, jobids of jobs to wait on finishing
                  before executing the current job (default is empty)
    options     = string, additional options that will be passed to qsub/srun (default is empty)
    batch       = number, of the bach to which the job belongs. When called by QSUBCELLFUN
                  it will be a number that is automatically incremented over subsequent calls.
    batchid     = string that is used for the compiled application filename and to identify
                  the jobs in the queue, the default is automatically determined and looks
                  like user_host_pid_batch.
    matlabcmd   = string, the Linux command line to start MATLAB on the compute nodes (default is automatic
    display     = 'yes' or 'no', whether the nodisplay option should be passed to MATLAB (default = 'no', meaning nodisplay)
    jvm         = 'yes' or 'no', whether the nojvm option should be passed to MATLAB (default = 'yes', meaning with jvm)
    rerunable   = 'yes' or 'no', whether the job can be restarted on a torque/maui/moab cluster (default = 'no')