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 +=====  QSUBFEVAL =====
 +Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type "help qsubfeval"​.
 +  <a href=/​reference/​qsubfeval><​font color=green>​QSUBFEVAL</​font></​a>​ evaluates the specified MATLAB function on the input arguments
 +  using the Torque, SGE, PBS or SLURM batch queue system.
 +  Use as
 +    jobid  = qsubfeval(fname,​ arg1, arg2, ...)
 +    argout = qsubget(jobid,​ ...)
 +  This function has a number of optional arguments that have to passed
 +  as key-value pairs at the end of the list of input arguments. All other
 +  input arguments (including other key-value pairs) will be passed to the
 +  function to be evaluated.
 +    memreq ​     = number in bytes, how much memory does the job require (no default)
 +    memoverhead = number in bytes, how much memory to account for MATLAB itself (default = 1024^3, i.e. 1GB)
 +    timreq ​     = number in seconds, how much time does the job require (no default)
 +    timoverhead = number in seconds, how much time to allow MATLAB to start (default = 180 seconds)
 +    backend ​    = string, can be '​torque',​ '​sge',​ '​slurm',​ '​lsf',​ '​system',​ '​local'​ (default is automatic)
 +    diary       = string, can be '​always',​ '​never',​ '​warning',​ '​error'​ (default = '​error'​)
 +    queue       = string, which queue to submit the job in (default is empty)
 +    waitfor ​    = string or cell-array of strings, jobids of jobs to wait on finishing
 +                  before executing the current job (default is empty)
 +    options ​    = string, additional options that will be passed to qsub/srun (default is empty)
 +    batch       = number, of the bach to which the job belongs. When called by <a href=/​reference/​qsubcellfun><​font color=green>​QSUBCELLFUN</​font></​a>​
 +                  it will be a number that is automatically incremented over subsequent calls.
 +    batchid ​    = string that is used for the compiled application filename and to identify
 +                  the jobs in the queue, the default is automatically determined and looks
 +                  like user_host_pid_batch.
 +    matlabcmd ​  = string, the Linux command line to start MATLAB on the compute nodes (default is automatic
 +    display ​    = '​yes'​ or '​no',​ whether the nodisplay option should be passed to MATLAB (default = '​no',​ meaning nodisplay)
 +    jvm         = '​yes'​ or '​no',​ whether the nojvm option should be passed to MATLAB (default = '​yes',​ meaning with jvm)
 +    rerunable ​  = '​yes'​ or '​no',​ whether the job can be restarted on a torque/​maui/​moab cluster (default = '​no'​)
 +  See also <a href=/​reference/​qsubcellfun><​font color=green>​QSUBCELLFUN</​font></​a>,​ <a href=/​reference/​qsubget><​font color=green>​QSUBGET</​font></​a>,​ FEVAL, DFEVAL, DFEVALASYNC