Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type “help qsublisten”.

  QSUBLISTEN checks whether jobs, submitted by qsubfeval, have been
  completed. Whenever a job returns, it executes the provided callback function
  (should be a function handle), with the job ID as an input argument. Results
  can then be retrieved by calling QSUBGET. If a cell array is provided as
  a the 'filter' option (see below), the second input argument passed to the
  callback function will be an index into this cell array (to facilitate
  checking which job returned in the callback function).
  Note that this function is blocking; i.e., it only returns after a
  certain criterion has been met.
  Arguments can be supplied with key-value pairs:
      maxnum      = maximum number of jobs to collect, function will return
                    after this is reached. Default = Inf; so it is highly
                    recommended you provide something here, since with
                    maxnum=Inf the function will never return.
      filter      = regular expression filter for job IDs to respond to.
                    The default tests for jobs generated from the current
                    MATLAB process. A cell array of strings can be
                    provided; in that case, exact match is required.
      sleep       = number of seconds to sleep between checks (default=0)
  This function returns the number of jobs that were collected and for
  which the callback function was called.