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 +=====  QSUBLISTEN =====
 +Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type "help qsublisten"​.
 +  <a href=/​reference/​qsublisten><​font color=green>​QSUBLISTEN</​font></​a>​ checks whether jobs, submitted by qsubfeval, have been
 +  completed. Whenever a job returns, it executes the provided callback function
 +  (should be a function handle), with the job ID as an input argument. Results
 +  can then be retrieved by calling <a href=/​reference/​qsubget><​font color=green>​QSUBGET</​font></​a>​. If a cell array is provided as
 +  a the '​filter'​ option (see below), the second input argument passed to the
 +  callback function will be an index into this cell array (to facilitate
 +  checking which job returned in the callback function).
 +  Note that this function is blocking; i.e., it only returns after a
 +  certain criterion has been met.
 +  Arguments can be supplied with key-value pairs:
 +      maxnum ​     = maximum number of jobs to collect, function will return
 +                    after this is reached. Default = Inf; so it is highly
 +                    recommended you provide something here, since with
 +                    maxnum=Inf the function will never return.
 +      filter ​     = regular expression filter for job IDs to respond to.
 +                    The default tests for jobs generated from the current
 +                    MATLAB process. A cell array of strings can be
 +                    provided; in that case, exact match is required.
 +      sleep       = number of seconds to sleep between checks (default=0)
 +  This function returns the number of jobs that were collected and for
 +  which the callback function was called.