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{{tag>template}} ====== Template models and data ====== The FieldTrip release comes with a number of templates to facilitate data processing and to ensure consistent high-quality results. These templates are based on "data", where data should be seen in a broad sense. Most of the templates pertain to geometrical data, for example electrode layouts and head models. These depend on the original assessment (i.e. measurement) of the geometry. These pages on the wiki describe the templates and how they are constructed. For some templates there have historically been different versions, which we also try to get represented here. The following categories of templates exist: * [[template:atlas]] * [[template:anatomy]] * [[template:electrode]] * [[template:layout]] * [[template:neighbours]] * [[template:sourcemodel]] * [[template:headmodel]] * [[template:dewar]] Note that these are dubbed //templates//, because they serve as examples that you can replace with your personal favorite model that is optimized for your own research. But besides serving as example, these templates might also be useful in their own right.