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 {{youtube>​d6FZlZTf-Hg}} {{youtube>​d6FZlZTf-Hg}}
 </​note>​ </​note>​
-====== Localizing electrodes using a 3D-scanner ======+===== Procedure ​===== 
 +In this section we describe the procedure to acquire electrode positions with a 3D-Scanner 
 +  * First we have to record the data using the 3D-Scanner;​ 
 +  * then we will read the surface me with **[[reference:​ft_read_headshape|ft_read_headshape]]** 
 +  * we convert the units of the mesh **[[reference:​ft_convert_units|ft_convert_units]]** 
 +  * we localise the fiducials on the head surface **[[reference:​ft_electrodeplacement|ft_electrodeplacement]]** 
 +  * we realign the mesh on the bases of the fiducials to ctf-coordiantes **[[reference:​ft_meshrealign|ft_meshrealign]]** 
 +  * now we are able to localise the electrode locations **[[reference:​ft_electrodeplacement|ft_electrodeplacement]]** 
 +  * finally we assign the electrode labels
 ==== Recording data ==== ==== Recording data ====