Video lectures and tutorials

This page lists the video documentation that is publicly available online. Please note that we are no expert on-screen presenters, most of us are not native English speakers, nor experts on recording and editing video material. We are doing our best to make this video material as good as we can and to make it available, but be considerate that it sometimes is not as polished as we would like it to be.

Please use the menu to the left of this page to get an overview and to navigate through the workshops and video's. Some lecture material has been presented and recorded multiple times. In general, we recommend you start with the most recent lecture.

Please note that the recording of the lecture on Sleep and continuous EEG by Martin Dresler failed due to technical reasons, so we cannot share that.

FieldTrip Videos

We have a YouTube channel on which we post our own video material and on which we link to relevant material from others.

NatMEG Videos

The NatMEG, the Swedish national MEG Facility at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, has recorded a set of scientific lectures and instructional video's. These can be viewed online here.

SPM Course Videos

The SPM team at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at UCL has also made a number of really nice course lecture video's available.

EEGLAB Course Videos

The EEGLAB team at the Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience at the UCSD has recorded and published the video lectures at one of their training workshops. This includes lectures on Mining event-related brain dynamics, independent component analysis, localizing sources, statistics, mobile and real-time EEG, etc.